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Best RED...

Segments from Reviews

"Weight control is easy with Best RED plan ....To the habitual yo-yo dieter, Hope offers some comprehensive solutions."
-Pecos Enterprise

"...a program which blends nutritional changes with easy exercises....A whole new view on dieting is presented..."
-Reviewer's Bookwatch

"Author Ray F. Hope offers a new approach to the question of how to keep from regaining lost weight."
-Kinston Free Press

"...comprehensive...breakthrough motivational techniques....You are instructed in the basics of nutrition and shown how to build a diet around your own personal nutritional requirements and life-style."
-The Preston Press

redbook.jpg (2739 bytes)Individual Comments

"The Best RED Book on Weight Control is a commonsense road map for every day wellness. If weight modification is your goal, it will plot your course. If leading a healthier life and increasing its quality are important to you, follow its guide."
-Dr. Andrew l. Kulik, D.O., F.A.O.A.S.

"I'm in love with my diet book!!...I fell in love with Best RED-he's the cutest!"
-Mary Hillerman

"Thank you Raymond F. Hope.... I feel I'm finally on the right track."
-Susan Wilson

redbook.jpg (2739 bytes)From The Back Cover

"Absolutely the best book I have ever read in my life. Brilliant, masterfully written, humorous and informative."
-Ray's mom

"Impressive, helpful-everyone in the whole world should buy at least one copy of this fantastic, innovative book."
-Ray's publisher.


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